Infrastructure as a Service [IaaS]

Hyperion Node (HN) can store all enterprise data within a single, queryable, and completely secured database, and provide the type of high-priority data processing power needed by energy companies, financial institutions, research universities, and many other enterprises as the volume and complexity of data grows.
This proprietary IaaS uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) and proven supercomputing concepts to provide scalable data storage, bandwidth, and processing power for global enterprises—at a fraction of current cloud costs. 
No data mining. No malware. Nothing but data storage & processing capacity.

Warehousing & Legacy Data

The volume and complexity of data has become a critical and costly problem—and HN's simplicity is the answer. 
If your enterprise has a data warehousing or legacy pain point, we can migrate and store all warehousing and legacy data within a single, queryable, and completely secure database—delivering query response times of 10 seconds or less—for a flat, per-gigabyte (Gb) annual rate that will dramatically cut your total cost of ownership (TCO) for IT by 30% or more.
The HN database engine charges only for data storage & bandwidth (both by the gigabyte), while providing simplicity, security, speed, and streamlined enterprise IT.   
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