Enterprise Solutions

The Hyperion Node (HN) database engine introduces simplicity to the current internet ecosystem—which is complex, costly, and increasingly unsecure. Based on distributed ledger technology (DLT) and built from the bottom up on the TCP/IP foundation, HN is a new, completely secure and scalable internet infrastructure designed to serve the growing needs of big data. 


Whether it's delivering live or historical data, HN is fast, offering clients the flexibility to meet all their data retrieval and calculation needs—including those in the energy, scientific research, and financial sectors. And when it comes to volume, HN has an initial capacity to process 600 billion transactions per minute—an unparalleled benchmark that will only increase as the global platform's network continues to grow.




HN eliminates the need for on-premise servers or centralized cloud services, while cutting overhead costs and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) for IT by 30% or more. By leveraging its global network of opt-in devices, HN also distributes the revenue generated from the provision of storage and computing power, enabling average users to benefit from enterprise-level supercomputing. 


HN is secured with military-grade encryption and a sharding protocol that splits all data into hashed micro shards, encrypting each shard, and then distributing these shards across localized edges of a client's network, thus stripping hacking activities of any financial incentive.

In addition to this core foundation, HN also offers a managed open-source sandbox for the development of websites, apps, APIs, and client-user solutions.